What Is a Certified Professional in Health Care Risk Management?

November 21, 2022

A Certified Professional in Health Care Risk Management (CPHRM) is the health care profession’s top certification and a requirement for many of the best jobs in the field. To obtain this credential, an individual must pass the CPHRM exam.

The CPHRM exam is intended for healthcare risk management professionals whose primary responsibility is preventing, reducing, and controlling losses to people and organizations. Regardless of the healthcare organization, these professionals collaborate with many other team members to achieve their goals. Data analysis, report creation, risk evaluation, accident investigation, finance trending, and claims management may be among their responsibilities. A candidate must have the necessary education, health care, or risk management experience to qualify for the CPHRM exam. This includes having a bachelor’s degree with five years of experience, an associate’s degree with seven years of experience, or a high school diploma with nine years of experience.

Administered by the American Hospital Association (AHA), its Certification Center determines eligibility requirements, exam content, testing procedures, and other aspects of the certification and oversees the examination process.

The American Society for Health Care Risk Management (ASHRM), a professional membership group of AHA, offers a three-part course to prepare for the CPHRM exam. ASHRM promotes effective and innovative risk management strategies and professional leadership through education, recognition, advocacy, publications, networking, and interactions with leading healthcare organizations and government agencies. Members include individuals representing risk management, patient safety, insurance, law, finance, and other related professions.

The courses in the Certificate Program cover foundational topics in an intensive learning environment. These courses include clinical/patient safety risk management, risk financing, legal and regulatory, health care operations, and claims and litigation. Courses are available in person, virtually, and on demand.

Professionals in healthcare risk management play an important role in protecting people’s and organizations’ legal and financial interests. With the CPHRM designation, an individual can demonstrate his or her experience and expertise in this area.


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