Recent Data Shows Pandemic Impacted Home Health Care Job Market

The home health care industry has traditionally struggled to recruit and retain workers to keep up with the demand for services due to a number of factors, including low wages and limited benefits, particularly for non-health care employees. Home health care providers have had to compete with retail and fast-food operations for workers who typically make minimum wage or less, putting job seekers in the driver’s seat. The industry employs 18 million workers with a workforce comprised of 80% women, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and has been known for its high turnover rate.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, there seems to be a shift from a job seeker’s market where positions were plentiful to fewer jobs available in home health care. According to Indeed Hiring Lab, job postings for home care and home health jobs from February through August 1 were 14% lower than during the same time period in 2019. 

There could be a number of reasons for the decrease in home health care job positions: a larger pool of job seekers due to the uptick in the unemployed in the wake of the pandemic is enabling agencies to fill positions more quickly, and financial constraints during the pandemic may be restricting the ability for providers to hire.

The job market hiccup is expected to be temporary, as many home health care providers have voiced their plans to hire staff to fill open positions, particularly as demand for services will continue with an aging population wanting to remain and be cared for at home. Lockdown and quarantine requirements also limited the ability for home health care agencies to hire. With the economy improving, more job opportunities will begin to open up again in the industry.  Home-based care is essential to our communities, with their workers more than due the recognition they deserve. 

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Source: Home Health Care News