Are You Ready to Succeed in Home Care and Hospice? Take the Quiz and Find Out!

September 14, 2017

Originally posted by the National Association for Home Care & Hospice. Shared with permission.

Are you someone who wants to succeed in the home care and/or hospice industry? (If not, why are you reading this?) As the baby boom generation continues into its retirement years, huge opportunities are opening up in an industry considered by many to be the fastest-growing in the entire country. How to take advantage of these opportunities? I’m glad you asked the question because NAHC has the answer – at the Home Care and Hospice Conference and Expo in Long Beach, California in October.

Whether you’re a budding leader in home care and hospice or a clinician who crossed over to management, you could probably benefit from some helpful advice from people who have been to the top. NAHC has those people and we can put you in the same room with them at our pre-conference session 802: How to Succeed When You’re New-ish in the Business.

Regardless of a leader’s background, it can be complicated to prioritize agency initiatives in a world where everything needs to be done today – or yesterday. However, our faculty will be providing a toolkit to help navigate these challenges.

Maybe you think you’re ready to be a leader and don’t need the advice of top experts in the field like Brenda Beggs, Marcylle Combs MS, RN, BS, CHCE, and Samantha McKay MS, BS, CHCE. Well, take this multiple choice quiz below and find out if you’re ready to be a leader. (Answers at the bottom of this article.)

1. Under the home health PPS, HHAs can appeal all of the following EXCEPT:

A. A denial for unnecessary services by the fiscal intermediary

B. Home Health Resource Group (HHRG) downcoding by the fiscal intermediary

C. The anticipated initial episode payment as determined by the fiscal intermediary

D. A denial for non-covered services by the fiscal intermediary

2. OASIS does all of the following EXCEPT:

A. Benchmarks agency performance

B. Demonstrates outcomes of care

C. Assists in establishing Home Health Resource Groups

D. Provides comprehensive patient evaluation

3. A corporate compliance plan should follow guidelines established by:





4. The primary reason employees attempt to unionize is:

A. Low wages

B. Lack of job security

C. Management practices

D. Threat of layoff

5. Select the BEST answer: The CMS requirement to measure home health patient satisfaction survey is called:

A. Home Health Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems

B. Home Health Compare

C. Pay for Performance

D. Value-based purchasing

If you missed any of those questions, you could probably benefit from attending How to Succeed When You’re New-ish in the Business, even if you’ve been around for a while.

This pre-conference will be of great value to executives who might not have a background in home health or who are new to management.

Additionally, attendees will learn about the importance of encouraging new leaders (often rising from the clinical side of the industry) to learn about the business. Issues such as HR faux pas, melding business and care-specific skills, and prioritizing business tasks against clinical tasks, will be discussed, as well as how to foster better relationships between clinical and case managers.

Anyone new to management or looking to give their executive career in home care and hospice a jump start will find this pre-conference session invaluable.

Answers: 1. C, 2. D, 3. C, 4. C, 5. A

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