Our Programs:
Miscellaneous Medical Facilities

Eligible Classes for Miscellaneous Medical Facilities

We work closely with several nationally recognized and highly rated markets to help you offer your clients a broad and comprehensive insurance program.

Eligible classes include but are not limited to:

  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Blood/Tissue Banks
  • Cancer Treatment/Research Centers
  • Community Health Clinics
  • Counseling/Behavioral Care
  • Dialysis Centers
  • Free-Standing Emergency Rooms
  • MRI/X-Ray Imaging Centers
  • Medical/Pathology Laboratories
  • Outpatient Physical Rehab
  • Sleep Centers
  • Treatment Centers
  • Urgent Care Facilities/Outpatient Primary Care

Insurance Solutions for Miscellaneous Medical Facilities

The demand for new and unique medical services and procedures in non-hospital settings is driving growth among many types of medical facilities, including surgicenters, urgent care clinics, and medical labs, to name a few. Along with this growth and the evolving healthcare environment come increased risks that arise from patient privacy issues, governmental regulation, contract employment and third-party vendors, medical malpractice, and management liability issues, among others.

At Manchester Specialty, we understand the host of risks and challenges companies and their executives face while providing services that range from diagnostic testing and imaging, laboratory services, medication dispensing, medical procedures and treatment, and rehabilation and counseling, among others. We offer a comprehensive suite of products to address the risks inherent in offering these services. These products include Professional and General Liability insurance along with direct and vicarious liability coverage for medical services provided by the facility. We also can provide broad coverage for Privacy Liability & Network Security that encompasses breach notification costs, call center set-up, identify theft enrollment, and credit monitoring services.  Health-care specific coverage for regulatory defense, fines and penalties can also be included. 

In addition, we provide Directors & Officers coverage, Employment Practices Liability and Fiduciary Liability.  Workers’ Compensation is also available for the majority of facility types.

Reducing Losses, Improving Your Client’s Risk Profile

In addition to our suite of insurance products for medical facilities, we offer access to risk management programs with our carriers to help reduce losses and improve your insured’s operational profile. These services can include loss-prevention strategies, numerous platforms featuring key relevant issues and educational topics, on-site risk consultation for qualifying accounts, access to a web-based healthcare risk management and patient safety resource tools, and more.

Partnering with Us:
We’re Dedicated to Insuring the Health Care Industry

Our programs and insurance products are offered exclusively through licensed agents and brokers in all states (we do not sell directly to health care firms). Clients have the advantage of working with their local insurance agent or broker of choice.

If you are an insurance agent or broker, please visit our Agent/Broker Resource Center to download/complete our Producer Agreement and start working with us.

If you are a health care firm, please share information on our program and our website with your local insurance agent; they can quickly access our program on your behalf to obtain a competitive quote.

For more information about our insurance programs, please call us at 1-855-972-9399.