What Property Damage Claims Occur Most Often in Home Care Settings?

In our previous blog article, we gave a brief overview of the most common insurance claims we see in regards to patient-injury related losses. These are not the only home care insurance claims these organizations face, however. The following claim examples are common losses the home care industry faces related to General Liability risks.

Non-Owned Auto

If a home care agency employee is involved in a vehicle accident while on the job or on their way to their job, the home care agency could very well suffer a financial loss. This loss can typically be controlled by understanding the employees’ personal auto insurance limitations, and by properly screening potential employees’ driving records. In addition, participation in driver safety programs can significantly reduce insurance risks.


Theft is an unfortunate occurrence that cannot always be avoided. Home care agencies may mitigate their risks by screening applicants, but theft of patients’ property “third party” is not 100% avoidable. An important factor to keep in mind in regards to theft claims is that they can be brought under the agency’s Professional Liability or crime/fidelity policy, with claims of negligence in hiring, screening, background checks, or supervision. In addition to obtaining the right insurance policy, home care agencies need to discuss implementing a risk management plan to potentially reduce the chance of this type of claim from happening, or at least prevent further occurrences.

For example, their risk management strategy might include training on proper hiring and screening practices. While home care employers need to ensure they are not being too invasive in their background checks, performing this training could reduce potential liability concerns.

Damage to a Clients’ Property

While the payout for these types of claims is typically minimal, this is actual a fairly common claim home care agencies face; even if the property damage was completely unintentional. This could mean a claim of damage to a piece of medical equipment or even something in the patient’s home.

Understanding the most common insurance claims and claim loss examples can help to distinguish what the insurance needs are for this type of organization. The above mentioned losses can be addressed with professional and general liability business insurance coverage through Manchester Specialty Programs. If you have any questions about our coverages, please contact us today at 1.855.972.9399.