Accreditation in the Home Health Care and Hospice Industry

To understand the importance of accreditation as it relates to insurance eligibility and underwriting, it’s important to first understand the process. Healthcare organizations can elect to partake in a process of review that determines their ability to meet predetermined criteria and standards for quality of operations, patient care and employee training and safety, which is established by a professional accrediting agency. Once accredited, healthcare agencies are viewed as more credible and reputable facilities, committed to higher quality care and operations.

What does the accreditation review process typically entail? Accreditation professionals survey and take a look at various factors; the facility’s organizational structure, policies and procedures, compliance with state/federal/local laws and compliance with patient rights and responsibilities to name a few. In addition, they’ll review the agency’s fiscal operations, human resources management, provision of care, patient/staff safety, and more.

Accreditation organizations exist partly in order to better protect consumers by surveying facilities and care environments to ensure that specific quality standards are being met and maintained.  Home health care and hospice organizations may elect to obtain accreditation from a particular accreditation organization; the largest accrediting body being the Joint Commission (JCAHO).

Achieving accreditation substantiates that the organization is dedicated to providing the highest level of quality care.  Processes become part of day-to-day operations to ensure a safe, functional and effective environment.  In addition to representing your home care agency or hospice community as a reputable and trustworthy organization to consumers, proper accreditation makes your organization a better risk for your insurance carrier.

Questions in the underwriting and application process that relate to hiring and screening, patient and employee safety, risk management, employee education and training, data management, and national patient safety goals are correlated to better pricing and acceptability for accredited firms.  The insurance carrier gains a comfort level that the organization is committed to much higher standards.

At Manchester Specialty Programs, you will find all the insurance coverage you need to operate your business, and all in one program.  Accredited firms are given special recognition in the underwriting and eligibility process as a more desirable risk.  We deliver specialty insurance programs that are specifically designed for home care and hospice firms in both medical and support roles. Our comprehensive home health care and hospice provider insurance program is designed to help these agencies continue to provide the important services they offer throughout our communities. To find out more about our operation and all our specialty insurance programs, you or your local insurance broker can give us a call today at 855-972-9399.