HHS Releases New Cybersecurity Guidelines for Health Care Organizations

March 14, 2023

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Health Sector Coordinating Council Cybersecurity Working Group released a new “Cybersecurity Framework Implementation Guide,” providing health care organizations with steps to manage cyber risks to their information technology systems.

“With this toolkit, organizations of all sizes can implement cybersecurity best practices, protect their patients, and make the sector more resilient,” said Erik Decker, HSCC Cybersecurity Working Group chair.

Health care organizations can use the Cybersecurity Framework to compare their current cybersecurity activities with those outlined in the guide. Organizations can examine the extent to which they achieve optimum outcomes in several categories of cyber threats covered in the guide. This includes identifying, protecting, detecting, responding to, and recovering from cyberattacks. 

According to HHS, a health care organization may be already achieving its desired outcomes, thus managing cybersecurity aligned with its risk. In contrast, an organization may determine it has opportunities to (or needs to) improve its cybersecurity. The organization can use that information to develop an action plan to strengthen existing practices and reduce its cyber risk.

The guide provides best practices, recommendations, and resources to help organizations boost their cybersecurity strategies.

Manchester Specialty Programs provides health care organizations with Cyber Liability insurance, integral to an entity’s overall cybersecurity plan. Our program includes specific coverage and limits that can be packaged within our General Liability and Professional Liability policy or secured as a more robust “stand-alone” policy. 

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