Managing Risk:
Beyond Insurance

Risk Management Resources

Home Care, Allied Health and Human/Social Services organizations confront a wide range of exposures that require not only a comprehensive insurance program, but also robust risk management tools and loss control measures. Each of our carrier partners are committed to helping insureds mitigate their risk and take control over the frequency and severity of losses by providing tailored loss control and prevention services.

These services, depending on the carrier and policy(ies) issued in our program, include:

  • Risk assessment tools
  • Provider focused educational materials
  • Return-to-work program for Workers’ Compensation
  • Fraud prevention strategies
  • Newsletters on safety topics relative to home care, hospice and medical staffing firms
  • Sample policies for abuse and molestation prevention and reporting
  • Non-owned and hired auto procedures, including driver safety training and review process for MVRs
  • Access and discounts on employment verification and criminal background check services
  • Patient safety consulting and training
  • On-the-job safety for employees
  • Safe patient handling procedures
  • Onsite visits, assessments and surveys (fee may be applicable)
  • Human resources tools for policies, guidelines and procedures
  • Consulting expense reimbursement for D&O and EPLI exposures

Partnering with Us:
We’re Dedicated to Insuring the Health Care Industry

Our experience and commitment to the home care industry goes back to 1976 when our President and CEO’s father, Warren L. Thompson, was the first in the insurance marketplace to design specialized insurance coverage for home health care organizations. Our commitment continues as we focus on serving the broader Home Care, Allied Health and Human/Social Services sector as a leading source of “all lines” insurance coverage. Our programs are exclusively offered through our broker partners, and provide unparalleled underwriting experience, excellent service and competitive pricing. For more information about our programs and becoming a broker partner with us, please call us at 855-972-9399.