Managing Risk:
Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Coverage
for Home Care, Allied Health and Human/Social Services

Professional Liability insurance, also known as Malpractice or Errors and Omissions insurance, is a critical coverage component of any comprehensive plan designed to properly safeguard health care organizations and the various professionals and paraprofessionals that they employ. A single mistake or oversight in treatment could lead to injury, illness or even death of a patient. Manchester Specialty Programs provides Entity Professional Liability coverage for each of the business risks we insure – from Home Care to Allied Health Care and Human/Social Services organizations.

We can tailor a policy to address the specific exposures of each health care niche, depending on the types of services they offer and the location where care is provided. The policy form protects insured businesses if they are sued for the errors, oversights or negligence of their employees, contractors or volunteers while carrying out their services. Our policy can cover the cost of defending an insured in court, settlements or court-ordered compensation, and other costs related to the claim (up to the policy limits). 

Our Professional Liability Coverage Features

  • Claims-made and occurrence based policies available
  • Limits available from standard $1M/$3M up to excess limits of $10M or more as required by contracts
  • Deductible plans available along with flexible retention levels
  • “Tail coverage” (extended reporting period) or prior acts coverage can be obtained for the organization in the event a claim is filed after the policy is terminated
  • Abuse & Molestation coverage with separate limits within the policy form
  • Coverage for HIPAA, cyber liability and regulatory audit exposures – including proceedings, fines and penalties
  • Coverage for employed physicians in the role of medical director or hands-on care including recertification of patients for Medicare purposes

At Manchester Specialty, along with our carrier partners, we understand how devastating a professional liability claim can be to an organization, both financially and to its reputation in the industry and the community at large. The ramifications are far-reaching, especially when dealing with elderly clients in need of care. To this end, through our carriers, we also provide risk management assistance to help mitigate risk and prevent losses. Firms with accreditation, favorable loss history and sound risk management practices are also eligible for premium credits on their policy.

Partnering with Us:
We’re Dedicated to Insuring the Health Care Industry

Our experience and commitment to the home care industry goes back to 1976 when our President and CEO’s father, Warren L. Thompson, was the first in the insurance marketplace to design specialized insurance coverage for home health care organizations. Our commitment continues as we focus on serving the broader Home Care, Allied Health and Human/Social Services sector as a leading source of “all lines” insurance coverage. Our programs are exclusively offered through our broker partners, and provide unparalleled underwriting experience, excellent service and competitive pricing. For more information about our programs and becoming a broker partner with us, please call us at 855-972-9399.