Managing Risk:
Non-Owned & Hired Auto

Non-Owned & Hired Auto Coverage
for Home Care, Allied Health and Human/Social Services

Many home health care agencies allow caregivers to transport their clients in the caregiver’s vehicle. In other cases, healthcare professionals, such as a physical therapist or home health aide, use their own vehicles to assist people in the home. There are even the routine work-related tasks that need to get done such as picking up office supplies or going to the bank to deposit checks.

In each case, there is a certain amount of risk for agencies and organizations when employees use their own vehicles. The employee’s personal auto insurance should be the “primary” policy to respond to a loss, but this isn’t always the case. For example, an employee’s personal auto policy may no longer be in force or the coverage may not be adequate in the event of a serious incident. The injured party will then look to the employer of the individual care provider. This is where Non-owned and Hired Auto insurance coverage steps in – to protect employers from lawsuits brought against them for the actions of employees while driving their vehicles in the scope of their business duties. Without this coverage, a home health care agency or hospice organization could be looking at significant costs. 

Behind the Wheel of Non-Owned and Hired Auto Insurance

Manchester Specialty Programs provides Non-Owned and Hired Auto (NOHA) insurance with separate coverage limits as part of our Professional & General Liability policy. Your insureds will get the protection needed in the event a health care worker is in an automobile accident with his or her own vehicle when conducting work-related business and the personal auto coverage falls short. Defense costs can be included in the coverage, and the policy will cover a business to the extent it is liable for the actions of an employee (full time or part time) when driving a vehicle for business purposes.

Partnering with Us:
We’re Dedicated to Insuring the Health Care Industry

Our experience and commitment to the home care industry goes back to 1976 when our President and CEO’s father, Warren L. Thompson, was the first in the insurance marketplace to design specialized insurance coverage for home health care organizations. Our commitment continues as we focus on serving the broader Home Care, Allied Health and Human/Social Services sector as a leading source of “all lines” insurance coverage. Our programs are exclusively offered through our broker partners, and provide unparalleled underwriting experience, excellent service and competitive pricing. For more information about our programs and becoming a broker partner with us, please call us at 855-972-9399.